iBuild Expertise

iBuild’s expertise in Precast is result of a unique combination - a deep understanding of Indian construction scenario and a diverse set of capabilities built to serve the construction industry. Customers realization of this expertise comes as a measurable change in speed, quality and efficiencies in construction.

  • Total Solution
  • Indigenization
  • Manufacturing

In-line with the vision, iBuild offers a total solution which includes a complete range of Precast products and a comprehensive portfolio of services to assist clients at every stage of construction.

iBuild, through its network of associate companies and in-house team, works closely with the customers to help them derive maximum value from Precast usage. Implementing a new technology that radically change prevalent methodologies has its own challenges; iBuild understands this and delivers expertise in a collaborative approach with the team at client side. iBuild’s infrastructure includes ready-to-deploy equipment to support all its key services starting from design, transportation to installation. iBuild serves as a single point of contact and control to several key activities throughout the construction lifecycle.

iBuild’s investments in Research & Development has played a key role in adapting the global Precast technology to Indian scenario. Several large and emerging cities in India are classified under seismic Zone III and Zone II.

Exhaustive research efforts in product design and construction methodology and practices has enabled iBuild to create a safe and economic solution for Indian conditions. Indigenization of products and construction practices leads the way for an enduring solution.

iBuild’s production team has rich, diverse and long experience in building Precast products. The team members have earned a global exposure and worked with reputed brands in the past. The in-house team brings the capability of turning designer’s vision into reality for our customers.

iBuild, in a short span of time, has evolved to offer matured advise to implement and manage large-scale production of specialized Precast elements for specific customer demands.

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