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 Hollowcore Slab

Now combine architectural freedom with production efficiency!

Hollow core slabs are a creation of advanced design and efficient production methods, combined into one. iBuild’s expertise and technology allows to build longer spans or depths in hollow core with requisite load bearing capacities. Hollow core slabs need lesser partition walls, lets you build a larger spaces with greater architectural freedom and construction flexibility during and after the construction.

 Product Range

Load Chart

 Application Gallery

Hollowcore slabs Hollowcore slabsHollowcore slabs

      Wall panels

     Flooring Slab

   Compound wall

Anti-avalanche wall

    Road decking

Salient Features

  Completely self-supporting elements
  Smooth underside - ready-to-paint bottom surface
  Voids provide raceways for electrical, heating or other MEP service pipes
  Excellent fire rating (meets highest requirements for non-flammable material)
  Strength and efficiency of pre-stressed member for load capacity,span range and deflection control
  Reduce sound transmission and vibrations

Strategic Advantages

  Material savings with slabs weighing up to 50%less than traditional in-situ concrete slabs of
   the same size
  Structural costs savings as reduction in weight means a lighter structural framing
  Faster cash churn, lower inventory with Just-in-time delivery
  Shorten construction durationsby working in all weather conditions
  Experience superior, highly differentiated quality in construction

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