Value Proposition

iBUILD (intellectual Building systems Pvt. Ltd); a brand dedicated to offer a wide range of precast concrete products and construction components – exploring regional and global growth potential in the dynamic and ever changing construction industry.

We are the leading precast company manufacturing precast modules for commercial, institutional& residential projects, parking decks, stadiums etc. We have earned this position by providing our clients with the best quality product, for the best price, designed and manufactured in the best way to meet their needs.

With the assistance of our own specialist in-house design team, we are able to provide clients and their project consultants with design and feasibility solutions with utilization of iBuild‘s precast components. From the initial concept to the final design, this co-operative approach to construction reduces costs, improves quality and results in an efficient use of resources. By combining our expertise with the use of precast products, iBuild is able to deliver a total precast structural solution that meets specific construction needs. State-of-the-art European equipments are deployed in the manufacturing process of iBuild ‘s range of pre-stressed and precast concrete products. It has proven to be the most cost effective, safe and efficient method of construction. Our structural system offers distinct advantages in the construction of a wide variety of projects.


  To bring technology and new perspectives to bear on the designer's vision and the engineer's challenge.
  To provide cost effective structural designs and products which are of the highest standard.
  To provide the contractor and developer with performance based, high quality, sustainable products
   and exemplary service.

  To offer performance-based engineered products, extensive industry expertise, emerging concrete
   technologies, sustainable answers to environmental challenges and a new way of thinking about
   the concrete construction process.

  We don't supply materials. We provide solutions.

  Precast Systems
iBuildPrecast Systems brings a paradigm shift in your current construction operations. Precast Systems eliminates complex, labour-intensive and other inefficient elements in construction process while boosting up speed, quality, safety, and the scale of a project. The Systems enhance the value chain by compressing the project execution lifecycle. Additionally, the Precast elements used in the Systems are strong, beautiful and more importantly, reliable as they are factory made. This consistency helps you to achieve a formidable improvement in the quality benchmarkin addition to taking your project towards the `green’ construction.

  Systems with Solutions
Passionate for this consistency in creation, iBuild experts are busy delivering this advanced technology experience in the most matured way. Be it a residential, commercial, institutional or industrial project, iBuild Precast experts see it through to completion with an amazing finesse. And why not! At the core of iBuild are its three strengths – turnkey responsibility for the entire project, a strong understanding of the pre-cast technology and the manufacturing capability that serves an array of specific and changing design needs.

  Partnering Approach
We partner with the construction companies to help them revamp their methodology and scale up their operations, and expand their business. In line with this objective, we are one of the pioneering Precast Systems in India. As we understand the challenges and aspirations of Indian construction companies, we don’t stop at offering the entire range of precast elements and construction components. We go beyond thatand walk with you to offer entire Systems in Precast and if you are willing to learn, we will be happy to provide the technical know-how to put these systems together using your own teams by infusion of our few experts in your team for training while getting the work done.

For more information about us and our services, contact us on the coordinates given here.

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