Precast staircase and landing

Step-up your productivity!

Staircase and landing elements in Precast come with the dual benefits of reducing complexity on-site and consistently providing perfection in quality. iBuild’s components are manufactured at the factory under controlled environment using high quality material and mouldage. The elements are pick-and-place solution to rapidly speed-up the construction work while improving safety on the site.

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Precast Stairs and Landing

Salient Features

  Completely eliminate the need for all quality control issues on-site
  Perfect quality lowers the labour effort required in tiling, finishing
  Lifting points are cast in production allowing easy transport and errection

Strategic Advantages

  Immediate access to upper floors for carrying out other work
  Eliminates the skilled labour required to erect complex shuttering for staircase
  Better site safety with secure access from floor to floor
  Allows un-interrupted work in all-weather conditions

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