iBuild’sPrecast systems are ideal for repeatable, cellular structures like large hotels, residential apartments, low-cost housing structures, tiny industrial parks etc. The Precast systems bring cost-savings by enabling economies of scale for these structures. The systems simplify design, are quick to erect and easy to finish.

 Precast elements in industrial systems :
  Beams & Columns
  Hollow core Slabs

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Residential Residential Residential

 Salient Features

  Strong, consistent element quality at optimized costs
  Pre-installed Door and window frames further accelerates the construction process
  Ready to paint surfaces for most of the elements in construction as soon as they are assembled

 Strategic Advantages

  Enables achieving better quality of construction with manufacturing in controlled environment
  Precision in manufacturing reduce manual errors on-site (especially in staircase, wall cracks) that are typical to
   conventional methods
  Built-in efficiencies in cost due to simplified design, factory based manufacturing and structural simplicity
  Superior finish in slabs, walls and staircase elements enable faster project completion
  Integration of services like electrical conduits and plumbing pipes in the precast elements helps to improve quality
   as well reduce the time for construction.

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