Industrial Systems

Quick, flexible, scalable and compatible (like steel) systems in Precast for large manufacturing setups!

Factory construction projects are complex, time consuming and resource exhaustive. iBuild’s precast systems for industrial construction reduce the challenges in several tasks. Factory made components give you a complete control of the construction process and reduce the need for co-ordination with multiple agencies. iBuild takes an end-to-end responsibility in execution, which eliminates the operational hassles, unnecessary rework due to lack of co-ordination while reducing execution time and providing greater flexibility.

 Precast elements in industrial systems :
  Beams & Columns
  Hollow core Slabs

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industrial systems

 Salient Features

  Precast systems ideal for warehouses, large factory shades and assembly line type set-ups Precast systems come
   with pre-stressed roof beams for spans upto10 meters
  Buildings with the larger spans can be designed as hybrid systems using steel beams and precast pre-stressed
   hollow core slabs
  Intermediate levels for office space, storage etc. can be easily constructed using precast elements such as precast
   shear walls,precast exterior walls, hollow core slabs and staircase along with beams and columns

 Strategic Advantages

  Larger spans allow for far greater flexibility in internal construction, layout of overall set-up
  Quick erection of structural components with precise control
  Better finish ensures superior hygiene; critical for specialized industries like pharmaceuticals, Bio-tech, food
   processing etc.Prefinished exposed surfaces of structural members considerably reduce the time required to complete the
   construction activity
  Less labour requirement reduces complexity on site and brings additional cost savings. This also optimizes the use of
   the site for construction activities, which is especially important for the existing industries undergoing expansion
  Lesser number of columns means lesser work in foundation and thus translates into speedier construction

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