Compound walls

Constructing long, strong and robust compound walls is easy with Precast systems. The columns laid on in-situ foundation are fitted with hollow core slabs to create the walls. Strong structure, smoother surface finish and longer span of the walls create huge cost savings. Faster speed, lesser labour and material handling on site further add to the cost savings.

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Compound wall Compound wall Compound wall Compound wall

 Salient Features

  Ease in erection with far greater speeds at much less manual efforts
  Ideal for compound walls running into kilometres of length
  A high strength concrete structure makes the wall temper proof

 Strategic Advantages

  Significant savings in construction elements that add to costs in case of conventional
   methods – material handling, labour etc.
  Assured consistent quality with manufacturing in controlled environment at factory
  Economical for long walls in relatively similar terrain
  The wall system may be disassembled and reused using its components minimizing the wastage for relocation

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