Car Parking Systems

Get clear spans for easy car movement with precast car park systems!

The iBuild Precast Car Park systems are created to meet the specific layout, design and strength requirements of modern multi-storied car park buildings. The framing and flooring systems in Precast have longer spans (upto 10 mts.), providing a larger clear area when compared to other methods. Reducing the need for vertical columns, systems in precast, accommodate more number of cars while enabling easy car movement and parking. The inherent advantage of repeatability and scalability in Precast are fully utilized in it’s application in car parking systems.

 Precast elements in Car Park systems:
  Beams & Columns
  Hollow core Slabs

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 Salient Features

  A clear span of (x mts.) means three car spaces can be built between two columns in a particular direction
  Longer spans of y mts between two rows of columns facilitates easy movement of cars between two lanes
  For car park loading, Hollowcore slab can span x mts., providing an efficient structure with lesser
   material usage
  Stairs in Precast create immediate access between the levels during the construction
  Precast elements like wall panels etc. come with built-in crash barrier capability, a key requirement in design
   of car parks

 Strategic Advantages

  The system comes with the inherent advantage of minimal obstruction from columns; provides
   maximizing capacity
  Immense flexibility in design with entire range of components in precast ideal for sites with multiple constraints
  Reduces structural costs while enhancing strength and durability
  Far better control over the project with factory manufactured components

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