Pre-stressed Columns & Beams

Join structural flexibility with scalability!

Precast Beams and Columns from iBuild are built to serve as a flexible solution to your structural component requirements. A natural linkage with other Precast products like hollowcore slabs, walls etc. further enhance the flexibility in construction. These precast structural components are ideal for a number of applications starting from car parking structures to quickly building large frameworks for commercial buildings due to their strength to support longer spans and the ease in installation. iBuild Precast Beams and Columns are installed on site and joined in situ. The concrete surface is smooth and the edges are chamfered.

 Composite structures

Fire resistance, stiffness and overall strength of the construction can be significantly improved by use of composite structures. Beams with composite floors help improve the flexural and shear capacity. Hollow core floors unfilled section is used as a common section in case of composite floors. Use of composite structures in case of precast further permits lesser depth for the load-bearing capacity.

 Product Range

Load Chart

 Application Gallery

Columns & Beams Columns & Beams Columns & Beams Columns & Beams

 Salient Features

  Unleash flexibility in architectural design as well as applications
  Use of high strength concrete in production ensures superior quality and structural strength
  In-house production in controlled environment reduce variables affecting strength and enhance quality
   and durability
  Like other precast components, Beams and columns provide a clean, finished look

 Strategic Advantages

  A natural connect with other precast components works as an enabler for complete precast
   solution – saving time and operational hassles
  Better strength and longer spans for beams and columns make an extremely cost-efficient solution
   for certain applications (ex. Car parking)
  Superior finish eliminates the need for plastering – saving both time and costs associated with it

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