Accessory Elements

A complete range of add-on infrastructure products!

iBuild through its associate companies covers the last mile of prefabricated concrete products. Starting from paver blocks, RCC pipes, designer blocks to road dividers – the products include an exhaustive range within their category and thus serve as an one stop solution. The products are manufactured on automated production lines and thus enable consistent, high quality and large scale production to cater to specific requirements in terms of application and scale.

 Products and Applications

  Paving Blocks:

  RCC Pipes:

  Designer Paver Blocks:

  Ferrocrete Designer Slabs:

  Kerbstones & Road Dividers:

 Features and Benefits

  Strict quality testing methods and processes eliminate on-site failures
  Use of rigid moulds in most products mean controlled dimensions and perfect joins
  Production accuracy also helps avoid staggering effect during or after laying
  An automated system means efficiencies in scale without losing accuracy in manufacturing

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